Social Address Form - EN (Tutorial)

14/10/2020 12:00AM

Social Address Form is a feature to enable merchant to collect customer address via social media platform.

This feature will enable your customer to fill in their shipping address directly into MyParcel Asia so that less mistakes was made and less work for you!

Pic: example of Address Form for Customer to Fill In

How To Use

Step 1: Create New Social Address link by clicking menu Social Address Form > Create New

Step 2: Complete all the required fields. System will autofill with default data from your settings. Make sure the Product Description is filled with the product details that the customer has purchased for better user experience.

Step 3: Save the details. It will show Social Address Link at the right. 

Step 4: Click on the [Go To Address Link] to View the Social Address Form to confirm it works.

Step 5: Share [copy and paste] the Social Address Link to your customer via Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Insta DM or any communication channel

Step 6: Your customer will complete the form.

Step 7: View all form in Social Address List by clicking on the menu Social Address > List

Step 8: Click [Create Shipment] button to complete the shipment details.

Step 9: Checkout and download the Consignment Note as usual

Step 10: You can also download the consignment note in Social Address List view by clicking on the [download connote] under Action column