* Promo price stated is based on the lowest rate for Zone 1 (within Peninsular) from courier options available.

*Price effective on 1st March 2022

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Questions for Top Up? Here is the answer

In order to enjoy the best rates, users need to purchase credit upfront. The higher the Top Up value, the better rate you enjoy.
Users are also eligible to redeem free flyers according to the top up package they purchased.
Only Available in Peninsular Malaysia. For East Malaysia, price checks can be done via our Quote & Book interface.
The delivery rate that you’re entitled for is based on the latest top up amount you subscribed to.
  • Six (6) months validity for the paid value from the date purchased (for MPA20 package).
  • One (1) year validity for the paid value from the date purchased (for MPA 50 and above packages).
For international shipment, users will be eligible to enjoy exclusive rate for every top up package.
Senders or Recipients are liable for Extra charges, ancillary charges, duties and taxes owed for services provided by the courier or incurred by the courier (other than shipping fee).