1. How to log in to my account?
Click “HERE” to Log In

2. How to create a Single Shipment Parcel?

  1. Click the “Single Shipment” logo on the main page
  2. Key-in the postcodes for both “from” and “to”, including your parcel’s “weight”, and click the “Quote & Book” button to proceed
  3. Choose your preferred courier and method of delivery, and click “Select”
  4. Key-in your complete “Parcel Details”
  5. Key-in the complete “Receiver Address”
  6. Click the “Save to Cart” button to proceed
  7. Check/Mark on the “complete” status button, and click the “Select All” button”
  8. Click the “Checkout” button and click the “Pay with Credit” button to proceed with the payment
  9. You may download the consignment note by clicking the “Download Consignment Note” button
3. How to create bulk shipments using Bulk Upload?
  1. Click the “Bulk Upload” logo on the main page
  2. Once prompted, click the “New Bulk Upload Guides” button for more information and guides
  3. Click the “Download MPA Bulk Template” button for Bulk Upload Excel template
  4. Key-in all complete details of your parcels and shipments in the template
  5. To upload the completed excel file, click the “Upload MPA Bulk File” button, on the same page for “Create Bulk Shipments”
  6. MPA system will check and verify the data keyed-in based on the uploaded excel file
  7. Once verified, all shipments in the excel file will be in your cart and click “Checkout” button to proceed
4. How to Top Up the credits for postage usage?

  1. Click the “Top Up” button and click the “Top Up Package” button
  2. Choose your preferred package and click the “Top Up Now” button to proceed
  3. Choose your method of payment either via “Online Banking” or “Card” or “eWallet”
  4. Click “Pay” to proceed with payment
5. How to redeem the Free Flyers?
  1. Click the “Top Up” drop-down, and click “Redeem Flyers” in the drop-down
  2. Choose your preferred size and click the “Redeem Now” button and “OK” once prompted
6. How to check the Courier’s Price Rate?
  1. Key-in the postcodes for both “from” and “to”, including your parcel’s “weight”, and click the “Quote & Book” button to proceed
  2. All couriers available in MyParcel Asia will be displayed including the Price Rate based on details keyed-in
7. How to check for any shipped parcel’s details ?
  1. Click the “All Shipment” drop-down
  2. Click the “Filter Column” and choose your desired filter and key-in the related filter in the “Filter Phrase” area
  3. Click the “Filter” button to proceed
8. How to download/attain the Top Up receipt?
  1. Click the “Transaction” drop-down
  2. Click the “Print Invoice” button
9. How to integrate with Shopify / Woocommerce / Shopee / OnPay system with MyParcel Asia?
  1. Click the “Integration v1.2” drop-down and click “New Integration”
  2. Choose your preferred platform to integrate and follow the steps provided
  3. Key-in your platform credentials to proceed
10. How to interact with Customer Support for any queries?
  1. Log in to your MyParcel Asia account and click the “Chat” icon on the bottom right of the page



1. Bagaimana nak log masuk?
Click Di Sini untuk Log Masuk

2. Bagaimana nak buat shipment untuk satu parcel?

  1. klik “Single Shipment” di halaman utama
  2. masukkan “from postcode” dan “to postcode” serta “weight” dan tekan “quote & book”
  3. pilih “courier” dan “method” dan tekan “select”
  4. isi “parcel details” dengan lengkap
  5. isi “receiver address” dengan lengkap
  6. tekan “save to cart”
  7. check status “complete” dan tekan “select all”
  8. tekan “checkout” dan klik “pay with credit”
  9. muat turun nota konsaimen dengan klik “download consignment note”
3. Bagaimana nak buat shipment untuk banyak parcel (Bulk Upload)?
  1. Tekan kotak “Bulk Upload” di sebelah kiri akaun MyParcel Asia
  2. Tekan “New Bulk Upload Guides” untuk panduan lebih terperinci
  3. Tekan “Download MPA Bulk Template” untuk mendapatkan lampiran excel
  4. Isi maklumat yang lengkap dalam lampiran tersebut
  5. Tekan “Upload MPA Bulk File” untuk memuat turun lampiran tersebut
  6. Sistem akan mengesahkan data yang di muat turun
  7. Semua shipment akan tersedia di cart dan tekan “checkout”
4. Bagaimana nak top up kredit untuk bayar postage?

  1. “top up” dan klik “top up package”
  2. Pilih pakej dan klik “top up now”
  3. Pilih medium “online banking” atau “card”
  4. “pay” untuk teruskan
5. Bagaimana nak redeem FREE flyers?
  1. Tekan “top up” dan klik “Redeem Flyers”
  2. Pilih size dan tekan “Redeem Now”
6. Bagaimana nak semak RATE setiap courier?
  1. Masukkan “From Postcode” dan “To Postcode” serta “Weight” dan tekan “Quote & Book”
  2. Pilihan courier dan rate tersedia
7. Bagaimana nak semak detail parcel yang telah dipos?
  1. Tekan “All Shipment”
  2. Pilih “Filter Column” dan masukkan “Filter Phrase” yang berkaitan
  3. Tekan “Filter”
8. Bagaimana nak download resit top up?
  1. Tekan “Transaction”
  2. Tekan “Print Invoice”
9. Bagaimana nak integrate dengan sistem Shopify / Woocommerce / Shopee / OnPay?
  1. Tekan “Integration” dan “Integration Manager”
  2. Pilih platform untuk integrate
  3. Masukkan “login credential” platform anda
10. Bagaimana nak berinteraksi dengan Customer Support untuk pertanyaan?
  1. Login dan klik butang chat merah di bahagian bawah kanan