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Step 1: Log In using your account.
Step 2: Get the rates by keying in the postcode, weight of the item and dimensions of the parcel.
Step 3: Select your courier service provider and pick up time/date.
Step 4: Key in the information for delivery.
Step 5: Confirm your delivery booking.
Step 6: Make the payment of your delivery booking.
Step 7: Print out airway bill and secure it on your packaged parcel or document.
Step 8: Wait for pick up at your place or drop off at any nearest counter.

The parcel must be secured with appropriate packaging.

Here’s general advice for wrapping and packaging to ensure the safety of your parcel.

1: Use sufficient bubble wrap or styrofoam or inflatable wrap
2: Fragile items should not touch each other, or the side of the packaging
3: Fill the packaging with sufficient bubble wrap or styrofoam or inflatable wrap to avoid the item from moving while in transit.
4: Use a ‘FRAGILE’ sticker accordingly.

Yes you may. But please wrapped you package neatly and secure your consignment note on your package.

You are strictly not allowed to ship out living things (fish, insects, etc). Should anything happen to your package during transit (delay/damage/lost), courier services and MyParcel Asia will not be responsible for any form claims.

It is not advisable for you to ship out dry food or frozen food. Should anything happens (delay/damage/lost) during transit, courier services and MyParcel Asia are solely not responsible for claim process.

Use a weighing scale to determine the accurate weight of your shipment and declare the dimension if you are using a box. Parcels are to be weighed using Actual Weight based on Kilogram or Volumetric Weight based on the dimensions of parcel whichever is higher.

For parcels with under declared weight, MyParcel Asia will charge the difference at our full tariff rate. The full tariff rate will be charged automatically via deduction of credit MyParcel Asia, and you will be notified by email.

If you are eligible for free flyers, you may directly redeem from MyParcel Asia and we will deliver them to you.

Click on the Track & Trace tab and key in the consignment note tracking number provided.

Pick up time for Aramex and Janio will default to the next business day from the booking date, while other courier services are from 2:00pm to 6:00pm for booking made before 11:45am. Booking made after 11:45am, will also be considered as next business day pickup.

Pick up time will depend highly on the availability of the drivers within the vicinity, we are unable to provide you with the exact time.

In a case of non-collection: collections are not automatically re-booked. If your parcel or package is not collected, please reach out and inform us via live chat right away. You may also reschedule the pick up from the shipment menu. If the courier is found to be at fault, we will assist to re-book your collection for the next day. If you prefer to cancel your shipment or have your booking refunded as credit into your MyParcel Asia account, that can be done too.

Yes. You may go to the nearest courier service center to drop off your parcel.

You may request cancellation from the shipment menu within 7 days from checkout date and credit will be refunded within 48 hours.

If you have any inquiries or require any assistance, you may reach out to our customer support team via live chat. We are available from Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM and Saturday, 9AM to 1PM. Alternatively, you may email us at helpdesk@myparcelasia.com.

Our pricing structure is completely transparent. We don’t have any hidden charges or costs. Prices stated are nett. There’s a quick calculator provided on our website where you can check the rate and make your booking immediately.

Volumetric weight or "dimensional weight" is a billing technique which takes into account the length, width and height of a package. Our system automatically calculates the correct volumetric weight for your consignment.

Use any box or packaging that is able to secure your parcel and the consignment note. As soon as you have submitted your booking, print out the consignment note and attach it on your parcel.

Couriers will not take shipments if there is nobody at the location for collection to hand the consignments over in person. This is to prevent erroneous collection and shipment of the items.

Yes. The insurance team from the respective courier service company may require the damaged shipment for inspection. Please ensure that the consignment is preserved with its original packing for objective inspection by the insurance company.

Each courier provider provides different coverage. You may refer to our T&C clause 7.

An invoice is only compulsory for international shipment.

Please provide name, email and the tracking number of your shipment, and reach out to us through our customer support, and we will assist you.