Privacy Policy

MyParcel Asia protects and prevents personal data of individuals being abused or misused in any manner compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for data privacy and data protection. We are strongly committed to protecting your personal data as our highest priority.

The personal information given are used primarily in relation to processing by which to carry out any operations to deliver and improve our services.

It is obligated for an individual to supply their personal data for us to deliver the services. Matters that are relating to exchange of goods or services, to process your application in relation to registration of any program and employment application. MyParcel Asia is not liable to provide you with adequate services if allocation of personal data from you is unsuccessful.

Personal data provided by you shall not be disclosed without your consent for any purpose other than the purpose for time of collection on the item or any purpose related to that matter.

The personal data supplied by you to MyParcel Asia must be complete, accurate, verifiable and authentic.

You have the legal rights to request your personal data that was prior processed by MyParcel Asia with reason to amend or correct your personal data. You may directly send your request to the following email: