05/02/2024 12:00AM

Good news!

The Reorder button is now available in the all shipment page!

What is Reorder button?

Reorder button is a feature designed to help smoothen your shipment booking for your repeating customers

How does the Reorder button works?

When you receive a new order from the same customers, there's no need to re-enter their details again to create a shipment. Simply click the "Reorder" button and all the details from the previous shipment will be automatically available

How to use the "Reorder" button function?

1. Login to

2. Go to "All shipment"

3. Click "more" to access the "Reorder" button

4. Click "Reorder" button to proceed

5. You will be brought to the edit shipment page

6. All necessary details have been automatically filled for you based on the previous shipment

8. You may edit the details (if necessary)


Make sure you enter the accurate weight of the parcel. If you use box packaging or your parcel is bulky, please choose parcel type "Box/ Self wrapped" and declare the dimensions of the parcel to avoid being overcharged by the courier

We hope that this new update will enhance the efficiency of your shipment process. Happy shipping!