13/02/2023 12:00AM

Great news users!

You can now let your customers pay when they received their parcels via Cash on Delivery (COD) service on MyParcel Asia. Here are the courier providers that offer COD: 

  • NinjaVan
  • DHL
  • J&T Express
  • PosLaju (temporarily unavailable until further notice)

If you are new to COD services on MyParcel Asia, kindly follow this guide:

Register your bank account for COD payment

1. Log in to MyParcel Asia

2. Go to the left sidebar, then click "Cash on Delivery" and choose "Bank Details" 

3. In the account type: 

  • select "Personal" if you are using a personal bank account. 
  • select "Company" if you are using a company bank account. You will be required to key-in the Registration No (as per SSM)

Then, click "Submit" 

Create shipment

1. Go to "Quote & Book" on the top right. 

2. Key in the sender's and reciever's postcode, and item weight accordingly. 

3. Select your preferred courier with "cash on delivery" under its logo. 

4. Key in the required details, then click "save to cart"

5. Click on the cart icon at the top right corner, then tick on the box for the shipment to proceed with check out

6. Click "Pay with Credit" 

7. Click "Download consignment note" then print out and attach the consignment note on your parcel. 

Collect payment after a successfully delivered shipment

1. Go to left sidebar, click "Cash on Delivery" and select "COD collection"

2. The report will be available on the dashboard. 

Remit now button will appear: 

  • 7 days after the parcel has been delivered (DHL eCommerce & J&T express )
  • Every 15th of the following month from the delivery date (Ninja Van)

*Poslaju - TBA

3. Once the remit now button has been clicked, the money will be credited to the registered bank account within 3 working days. 

Please contact our customer support team via live chat for any further inquiries. Thank you