05/12/2023 12:00AM

Hello users!

Did you know you will earn UNICOIN when you top up on MyParcel Asia?

Yes! For every top up purchased on MyParcel Asia, you will earn 1X UNICOIN reward point!

What is UNICOIN?

UNICOIN is a reward that will be earned by all users for every RM1 spent on their top-up purchase. 

What the UNICOIN is for?

The collected UNICOIN can be used to redeem exclusive rewards available in UNICOIN Rewards Page such as: 

  • Gadgets
  • Packaging materials
  • Gift voucher
  • Free credits

How to earn UNICOIN?

1. Purchase any top-up package 

2. Earn 1 UNICOIN for every RM1 spent. For example, you will earn 20 UNICOIN when you purchase MPA20 package

3. Top-up more to keep earning more UNICOIN

4. Redeem any items available in UNICOIN Rewards Page 

The more you top-up, the more UNICOIN you earn! Top-up and redeem your favourite item NOW!