10/06/2022 12:00AM

Good news for you! 

Guess what? Something great is here for you, and we bet you’re going to love it!

Cash on Delivery (COD) service for DHL eCommerce and NinjaVan have been made exclusively available for you to experience. Try it now! 

Why should you utilize COD? 

If you are a merchant or sell goods online:

i) Enhance the customers’ confidence in your brand, product, store and services.

ii) Avoid risks of fake payment transactions (Example: edited bank slips).

As your business expands, it becomes challenging to keep track and frequently monitor every

transaction, thus putting you and your business at risk of scam and unlawful activities.

iii) Improves your cash flow budgeting, planning and tracking.


If you are a buyer or purchase goods online:

i) Avoid the risk of purchasing goods from fake sellers online.

ii) Only pay when the goods are safely delivered to you.

COD is available as a value-added service of the MYPARCEL ASIA platform. 


Don't forget to reach out to us via our live chat for any issue. Our customer support team would be happy to assist you.